I need my LV in LV

  1. OK..I promise that this is the last time I talk about it before I leave for Vegas (Saturday)...

    I made up my mind that I want to get the Damier Speedy (not sure of 25 or 30 though). I better win some money :graucho: . If I do get the Speedy, I am going to give my mom the Parioli since she seemed to like the structure of it so much. I really didn't think that I wanted a hand held since I'm always with my toddler...but can't get it out of my mind so I think I HAVE to get it. Even if I don't win money, I think I'll be getting it...it is my bday and annivesary after all (the whole reason we're going to Vegas).
  2. Aww. Happy Birthday! : )

    Yah, the Damier Speedy is a very good bag even though it's a hand held, the vanchetta is coated so you have to worry about it; even with your toddler!

    Have fun in Vegas!
  4. Congrats on the damier choice, I love mine! Have a fun in Vegas and Happy Birthday!
  5. Congrats on your decision! Good luck, have fun! I'm going for Christmas and if I win money I'm definitely buying LV haha
  6. Have fun! Good luck, and happy b-day!!!
  7. have fun in vegas and happy birthday!
  8. Have a good time:nuts:
  9. Have fun!!!!
  10. Happy Birthday AND Happy Anniversary! Have a great time! I love Vegas!
  11. Hope you win enough for a new LV bag AND wallet! Lots of luck!
  12. OO:huh:Oo...definitely get the speedy then! Happy birthday and anniversary in advance and enjoy your trip! Sounds like a great load of fun and win lots of money for more LV!!!
  13. I never wanted a handheld, either, until I got my damier speedy. My back actually feels better not carrying a heavy shoulder bag on one side all the time. Plus, the speedy holds so much stuff in it. I have a toddler, too, so I know how important it is that you can bring along all the necessities. I think you'll love it. Have a great time and have fun in LV!
  14. Do enjoy the new bag you'll be getting!
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