I need my girls! What next...

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  1. Ok I am at a crossroads with CL right now. Too many choices, and too many I can't even see yet. Here is what I have so far: Black 85 simples;black and white espradrilles on the way; black 3 inch wedge heel in patent on the way. What next:confused1: I would love nude, not so sure about the glitter effct I have heard about, though. I thought I wanted YO Yo's then heard they were not as comfy as the Prive or NP or VP. I love those. I also would not mind a red. I don't want something I can't walk in, so for those who are more experienced in your collection and fit, this is where you come in. Also, I value you as more experienced collectors as to what would be a better investment. I like the dress up or down look. Please, take my hand if you will and tell me what you would do. I have conservative taste,sometimes. I like twist, I like embellishments and like throwing a funky color in there.I don't always want to look like everyone else, but I dress nice and with class. But I like to have fun with it too. Everyone who knows me knows my shoes are always going to be a hit. I though some of the bio may help.What would be a good next step. I will take everything under advisement. O, let me have it. I know that when these shoes start popping up I have to be ready!!!:ty: I hope I have enough drinks to get you started.:drinkup::drinkup::drinkup:
  2. you need color! simples in red, blue, or yellow!
  3. The red has deffinatly spoken to me. What style is also the problem. Keep in mind I am a young 47, so I can't go fettish HE HE I work selling new homes for a builder so I am dressed bussiness casual to dressy, just depends. I just thinks it helps to know some of this, yes I am little ocd. So style too. I want to be so ready when they get in my face and I want no doubt!!:okay:
  4. CJY what about the 70mm VP in nude patent? I just ordered them from CLBH, i dont have them yet but i saw some pics on here and they look pretty and at 70mm i am hoping they are comfortable
  5. No more black for you!

    Totally agree! I say red in simple pumps or any style in red.
  6. I think the royal blue simple pumps on Saks.com would be perfect for you. They are classic with a twist.
  7. Hey CJY... the BH CL Boutique has red patent simples (in 100mm) those could work if you are looking for something with pop thats not too over the top...

    And also I really can't stress how I think you cant go wrong with the nude patent yoyos... though I heard from some people that they were uncomfortable, I also heard that they were super comfy... so I guess it depends and who's wearing them... All I know is that I tried mine on and walk around the shoe department for about 10min and they were perfect, fit like a glove!
    Since you said you like embellishments, what about the Bling bling? I heard they recently went on sale and they could be a great holiday, cocktails, and party shoe!
  8. I would say red simple pumps and definitely a pair of nudes!
  9. i ALMOST bought a pair of Simple 85s in Glittery Nude yesterday. My mom said that they were on sale but they weren't so I had to put them back down. They are GORGEOUS and like all Simples, they fit really well. I'd hold out for a pair of glittery nudes (that's what I'm doing!) because they're so pretty and they go with everything! I was going to wear them with jeans and for dinner parties...but now I'll just have to wait.
  10. Hey Duck!! Where did you see those???
  11. Well I just ordered the Yo Yo's. Also, the CL boutique sent me a pic of the low heel peacock blue patent VP's. Yum!!!!:tup:
  12. Hi CJY! Unfortunately I saw them in Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. I was hoping that some of you girls might've bought a pair in the US but I guess not since there's still so much speculation about the colour?? It's really more of a light gold/nude.. it's so, so pretty and sparkly! The price is a bit steep but they ARE Simple 85s. I was strutting around the store and they were so comfortable... I've been dreaming about them and I can't stop. I have a disease. :sweatdrop:

    However, some of the girls have mentioned red simples? That sounds pretty too! I'd love a pair of red AND glittery nudes, but I guess that's asking for too much :shame:
  13. Were you visiting or is that your home?
    I would love to visit someday. Yes, it is a disease, but you are not alone. I do not think there is a cure either.:sweatdrop:
  14. I moved here about a year an a half ago. When I started on tPF I was still in college and I stopped logging on for a bit after graduation. I'm amazed that it's expanded so much!

    You should def. visit! Hong Kong's great for shopping, food and a taste for the Asian experience in general.

    I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I came across some Christmas $$ today that would really help me with those glittery nude simples. I just got a pair of black suede VP's 2 weeks ago and haven't even worn them out yet but these are sooooo calling my name! Should I or shouldn't I??? My mom says no but it IS my own money....

    Also, CONGRATS on ordering the YoYo's!! I hope they fit you because they're such a great shoe! Did you get them in glittery nude or red?
  15. Congrats cjy!