I need motivation, etc a how to start ?

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  1. Ok, Im in high school and have access to a decent school gym with jump ropes, weights, treadmills, etc. However I have no clue where to start. I need some motivation, links to what kind of clothes to wear, exercises, etc.

    what I want to achieve:
    slimmer arms
    muffin top- defeat lol
    slim inner thighs
    tone up
    increase fitness

    would also love links to diet tips (like healthy living, etc)

    also tips for keeping hair from looking gross after working out (I have short hair- pixie cut) thanks so much! my new years revolution hehe
  2. I would start off just getting on the treadmill for a half hour 3-4 times a week. Walk as fast a speed as you can. Then work in some other stuff but keep your workouts realistic or you will most likely quit altogether. Wear whatever you are comfortable in. I have a short haircut too and would just wear an elastic headband and a ponytail.
  3. You can probably check out bodybuilding.com or hotnfit.com. They have some pretty decent workout plans and tips on nutrition. Normally I pull my hair back into a ponytail and put on either some sweatpants or shorts, depending on how much I really want to sweat and then I'm off to the gym. For cardio I normally do interval training for 20 mins because it really gets my heart pumping. Right now I'm working with a pt because when I'm on my own it seems like I lose all motivation because I don't have anyone that is checking in on me or changing my diet/workout plan. But I have learned that diet is 80-90 percent of getting in shape. You'll learn what works best for you from trial and error. I have to lift really heavy in order to see progress and I have to cut back on my carbs because I am carb sensitive. I also do cardio 3-4 a week. Good luck with your goals :smile: