I ~need~ more vernis, what is your favorite style, color?

  1. I have very little vernis:

    Framboise, brentwood
    Framboise, cles
    red, cles

    I think I need something more neutral. thinking Beige or Bronze...I could go for noisette...but could easily go for something with more flash.

    What's your favorite?
  2. I have a noisette bedford, but I would like a brentwood (maybe in perle or something). The brentwood is number 4 on my list.
  3. i love the indigo color...it just shimmers in the light...
  4. My favorite color is Framboise. I missed the Fuchsia color, darn!
  5. I love the noisette in the roxbury. I had one and sold it (didn't use it enough:crybaby: ) but I loved it.

    Fuchsia is my all time favorite Vernis with baby blue second and bronze third.:yes:
  6. I really like the malibu street in the noisette (well actually I like it in any color! LOL).
  7. I have red reade, red lexington and red thompson (on the way)
    Bronze bedford is one the way..

    I think bedford is my fav style in vernis line..I pretty much adore every single colors from vernis.. my favorite: red, bronze, Perle,purple,indigo,frambroise,noisette,mint ,baby blue, fuschia,lavendar,LOL did I just named all colors?
  8. i like the indigo, framboise, and the noisette
  9. I agree I pretty much like all the colors. I can't think of a shade I just DON'T like! But you didn't mention marshmellow which is one of my faves! LOL ;)

  10. oops....

    i forgot, fave style is the bedford and the houston.....
  11. Indigo is such a gorgeous color! If I were getting something in Vernis, I'd go for indigo.
  12. get a bedford or a reade!!

    for the bedford: perle, indigo, marshmallow, or beige
    for the reade: rogue, fuschia, peppermint, lavender

    gahh i :heart: vernis, get everything!!

  13. Doh..How could I miss marshmellow..

  14. Isn't there a new red vernis color coming out!?! Everytime I think of red and LV you come to mind! :yes:
  15. Favorite colour: Framboise
    Fav style: Bedford>Houston>Reade PM
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