i need more polpettina!

  1. there's a deep dark secret burning in my soul that i must admit to my fellow toki lovers - i'm in love with polpettina. she's the cutest thing ever!

    her boyfriend bastardino is on his own t-shirt and necklace, but povera piccolissima polpettina is only to be found by herself in vinyl toys. all other times, she's paired with bastardino and/or sandy (that's poor tiny little polpettina, for non-italian speakers).

    does anyone know if there will be any t-shirts or other items coming out with just her? perhaps i'm asking too much... :confused1:
  2. Yeah, they're kinda slacking with Polpettina. I think she's adorable too..but it's so cute the way you worded your first part hahaha youre in love with her!! hahahaa. But yeah sorry I'm no help, idk what's up with why they're slacking.
  3. I love Polpettina too! After all, what's not to love?!! She's a puppy and she's pink!
  4. agreed! and I need the strawberry latte girl!!! she wasn't included in the moofia :sad:
  5. darn it! i'm beginning to think that simone is slacking with the female characters! what's up with that? we need to petition him to pay attention to these neglected characters.
  6. LOL! This is great! We'll start a Tokidoki feminist movement =) MORE FEMALE CHARS ITEMS PLEASE
  7. well...i need my happy unicorn & the sasquatch peoples on shirts..lol.
  8. I still want to make my happy unicorn and mermaid scoopneck shirt!! I'm just too lazy to go to Jeans Warehouse to look for the right shirts... but EVENTUALLY!
  9. i love the idea of the unicorn shirts! a unicorn vinyl toy would look perfect on my desk at work. simone, are you listening?

    i adore the cute little deer on the spiaggia print with flowers on its antlers. i say she, because she looks pretty feminine to me :smile: she has holiday ornaments hanging from her antlers on the vacanze print. too cute! we need to see more of her, too.