I need more necklace/belt help!!

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  1. Ok should I get the 48" or the 32" necklace (the traditional pearls with the ccs interspersed). I think the long strand is about $1250 and the short strand is $695...also should I get the silver or gold (i heard this is a very soft gold) toned? Please tell me which you picked for yourself and why...

    And what do you think about this belt?

    Please help...I am so utterly confused!:shrugs: I need my gals' opinions!
  2. Hi! :smile: I really like the pearl strand that retails for $695, but the long strand is nice if you want to wear it doubled up (though I do that with my short strand anyway)! I like the silver hardware on it personally, but the gold is pretty too... the metal isn't completely visible since the pearls cover it on the logos, so either is pretty depending on what kind of jewelry you like to wear, etc. I'm sure you'll wind up with a gorgeous necklace either way, can't wait to see pics! :smile:

  3. I like the longer necklace as I would double it up. I also would get silver as I do not wear gold. If you wear gold though, the gold one is just as beautiful.

    Love the belt. You have fantastic taste, Rockerchic.
  4. Stacy, get the longer pearls. They are much more versatile. You can wear them a bunch of different ways. I personally like the gold tone better, but there isn't much difference.
  5. i'd get the shorter necklace and choose the gold or silver depending on which you tend to wear more of.:yes: all my jewelry is platinum or wg, so for me i'd pick silver.
    i would to give you an opinion on the belt, but eBay is blocked at work. sorry!
  6. Gosh I just seen those pearls on Sunday and they are GORGEOUS !!!! I would get those- the broch part that connects them is so pretty- I stared at it for like 10 minutes...
    get the long pearls
  7. I am on the fence... I would probably go with the shorter pearls and even though I waer white metals all the time I think the gold is soo chanel. I like both of the metals however here is an idea... why don't you get 2 of the the shorter strand one in each metal :yes:
  8. i personally like the shorter pearls cos i feel kind of overwhelmed with the longer strand. Tried it on and felt funny with it. The shorter strand is more fun and a little more casual imo :yes:

    lol Stacy, you're on the roll with Chanel accessories arent u? :lol:
  9. i'd personally go for the sorter in gold!
  10. I'd go long w/ silver. Long because, well, I just love longer necklaces. Silver, b/c all of my jewelry is platinum or white gold.

    Honestly, I'm not crazy about the belt.
  11. I'm definitely a silver HW gal - most of my jewelry is platinum so it's more versatile... I just got the shorter 2 CC 36" strand and am loving it. It's long enough to wear doubled up.

    I also have a Chanel pearl belt - a bit blingier than yours, and it's been pretty versatile. I just don't really like the gold tone on the eBay auction you posted.
  12. I'd go with the short silver or gold depending on what would match with your bags/jewellery clothes ect.... i would probably pick silver for that... :smile:
  13. thanks so much for all your advice. It is so hard to decide. I am much better with purse choices vs the belts and jewelry.
  14. Thanks again for your help. I was able to track both the long and short down at Nordstroms. I did go with the gold hw because I tend to wear more gold jewelery so it will match my other things. Be prepared...when they come in I will be postin pix again with long and short strand for a vote of which to keep!
  15. LOL!:roflmfao: OK!