I need more landlady advice, please! (Sorry, long post.)

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  1. Ok, last time I had an apartment-related question, a bunch of you stepped in as both renters and/or property owners, to offer me assistance. So, I'm reaching out to you again for help with my rights as a tenant...

    At about 2:00 this afternoon, I went to wash my hands before doing some cooking, and lo-and-behold, no water came out of the sink. I assumed one of two things: 1. Someone else was doing laundry and/or running their shower, or 2. Someone else was getting plumbing repairs done in their unit. Either way, no big deal, except that I couldn't flush the toilet, which is pretty gross...

    Two hours later... Still no water. I heard some clanging and banging in one of the units downstairs. I was getting antsy and a little hungry. I couldn't prep my dinner, because I...um...needed water. Not to mention that I hadn't washed my hands... or flushed my toilet.

    By 6:00pm, I was getting worried. I didn't hear anyone else in the house. I went to the basement and there was nobody there, or any sign that there was any trouble with the water. I called my landlady (the b*tch) to report that there was a "situation."

    She was super-rude to me! Apparently, my downstairs neighbors in Unit 2 were getting a new toilet. "Well, did you ask THEM? Did you check in the basement? The plumber should STILL be there." Um, ok. THEY aren't home. Nobody's in the basement. And there NO sign of a plumber.

    Plus, it shouldn't take a reputable plumber 4+ hours to install a toilet, should it? (I don't know a dang thing about plumbing, honestly...) And oh wait... there's the "plumber." It's my landlady's drunken handyman, stumbling up the stairs... The same jerk-o who reeked of scotch and broke my medicine cabinet the last time he came to do work in my bathroom...

    It's now almost 8:30pm here. The "plumber's" truck has disappeared from out front. I haven't flushed my toilet all day. :throwup: Or washed my hands. Or done *anything* that requires...um... WATER. My landlady wasn't exactly forthcoming about what to expect. But I need my water running, ASAP...

    Isn't there a law that a landlord is supposed to inform you if your water is being shut off due to maintenance? Granted, it's a Tuesday, so she probably assumed I was at work, although I'm on a personal leave of absence right now, and doing some freelance work at home. Plus, it's 8:30 at night and I don't have water! I need a shower in a bad way! :mad:

    What, if any, recourse can I take on this matter? Please help me. I'm dirty, I'm angry, and I desperately want to flush!
  2. I do not know the laws in your state, and tentant/landlord laws are state regulated. That said, yes, she should have given notice ASSUMING she knew something was going on (vs an emergency). However, at this point she should be able to tell you what time (estimate) the water should be turned on. Here in CA any non emergency situation is not really supposed to go longer than 4 hours as water is considered to be an "essential element" to "comfort".
    You are within your rights to tell her that if the water is going to be off any later than 9PM you will need to be put in a hotel.
  3. I am not certain of the law, but obviously common courtesy would require your landlady to inform all tenants of such an inconvenience. It would be one thing if the water needed to be shut off to install a toilet (which does NOT take 4 hours... it shouldn't take more than an hour), but all afternoon and all evening without notice? That's just wrong!
  4. If I was you, I would contact her, tell her that you will call for the emergency plumber, and deduct the amount from your next rent payment. But tell her in advance - this is nothing to do with YOUR toilet (which you MAY be responsible for) but building maintenance. If she is not happy with it she can charge the neighbour that is getting a new toilet.

    YOu have rights as a tenant, and you do not need to deal with that.
  5. Thanks girls... It's now 7:45am the following morning, and thank god, my water is turned back on!

    I just had to follow-up this post, though, with a rant on what a psycho-b*tch my landlady is! I emailed her last night before bed to let her know that the water was off for almost 6 hours, and that in the future, she please notify me if that's going to happen. Neither of my neighbors were home last night to tell me what was going on - not that that should be their responsibility anyhow...

    OMG, she's such a B*TCH! She called me at 6:45 this morning and emailed me back, both times ragging me that I should have called her. Ok, true, but when I DID call her, she basically told me to talk to the neighbors and hung up on me. I have half a mind to call/write her back and tell her that it's that type of snotty attitude that prevented me from calling her in the first place. :yucky:

    I *really* want to report her to local government as being a slum-lord. I can't contact the City of Chicago about her, since I actually live just outside the city limits, in Oak Park. (Ok, I admit it, I'm in the 'burbs... by a matter of blocks... :rolleyes:) However, OP has *STRICT* guidelines for it's rental properties, since about 90% of the buildings in the town are 75-100+ years old (including my home), and I know my landlady definitely doesn't keep this place up to code!

    That, and my downstairs neighbor was telling me how she had to call the Health Dept. on her a couple of months ago, because she wasn't repairing their bathroom in a timely matter, and there was mold growing on the walls... :sick: Oh, and my neighbor was 8+ months pregnant at the time! (Poor woman, she had a plumber at her house at 10:00 last night when she came home, and a newborn baby who surely must have been freaked out!)

    Ugh, I'm so p*ssed! Sorry for another long post...