i need more info on Coco Cabas... and where can I get one now?

  1. I am in love with Coco Cabas, I saw the Shiny Leather on the magazine, does it come with normal leather too? what size they have? M/L/XL???

    I tried to ring up the Australia Store but they all ran out of stock and not expecting anymore shippment... Any other store might still have them in stock? will they happy to ship to overseas??

    thanks everyone.
  2. I doubt that was the shiny leather. IT's actually Vinyl. Was it in Black that you saw? I believe there are other fellow Pfers that said the new upcoming colors are RED and GREY.

    They have the caviar leather. Refer to the Chanel Reference Library.

    I believe there are some stores that still carry them. Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue in the USA.
  3. Me too! I'm on my hunt for this coco cabas too. I spoke to the SA in Hong Kong and they told me they won't be getting anymore of the original *sob* Where in the world can we find this bag!
  4. My friend just bought one through ebay. eBay: NWT CHANEL COCO CABAS Large Black Vinyl Patent Tote Bag (item 110056699123 end time Nov-21-06 12:25:01 PST)

    The seller has another one for sale now. SHe was really nice and she guarantees authenticity. SHe was on the waist list for 3 bags and so she's just reselling to make a profit. But they are all from CHanel boutiques.
  5. I am thinking.. maybe buy one from ebay is a good choice..

    Because eg if I get one from US for $995 + tax, then... I have to pay for the shipping which is around $100, and maybe import tax which will between 12% -30% depends how they declare it as...

    which might work about around 1200-1300USD anyway...

    Last time I tried to get hold of a 2.55 reissue from USA store, it was a hassle! I had to called them nearly everyday for a week in order to organise it..
  6. Another pal of mine jst received one today and she loves it!!! The clock is ticking!
  7. loveone,

    how much is u r friend paying for the cabas? what size and is the seller trustable?