I Need More Help! Questions! Advice!

  1. Ok I know I love the Batignolles Horizontal. But now there is a new tote out, the never full! Which has draw strings on the side. It also has a cute lining. I know I am going to buy the bedford, and the damier azur speedy 30. Now I want a monagram canvas. Which do I do?? The new New full, Or the Batignolles Horizontal. I dont want my canvas bag to be too trendy, but really cute and big!
  2. I have the BH and love it but also want the Neverfull so I am going to wait for the Neverfull in Damier to come out in November.

    Best of luck!
  3. Not a fan of monogram canvas but I do think neverfull is a cute bag (in size PM only).

    Love Azur pattern too.
  4. I already have the bat. but think the Neverfull is adorable but the 2 bags are too similar in my mind. I'm in a quandary......no helpful advice from me!
  5. I'd go with the BH!
  6. Bh!!
  7. i like both but if i had to pick one today i would pick the neverfull
  8. I just saw the never full pics. I am going to have to see it in person to decide....This is a tuffy!!!
  9. I like the BH better, it is just a little more classic and looks sturdier. I prefer the square-ish shape rather than the cinched shape of the Neverfull.
  10. I'd go for the BH, too!
  11. I think that the Neverfull looks too casual and I don't care for the thin straps. But I like the BH -- the straps are larger, the bag just seems more substantial somehow. Get the BH!
  12. I agree, out of the three sizes i'm drawn to the pm.. so if you're looking for a comfortable shoulder bag this isnt the one. I think you'd be better off with the BH.
  13. The BH straps are also longer than the Neverfull straps, so the BH would probably more comfortable on your shoulder. I don't think I am keen on the thin-ness (is that even a word?) of the Neverfull straps either. It looks like they could just snap if you loaded the bag up.
  14. Well I think I will Go with the BH...You guys are right. I think what I love about the never full is the wayyy cool lining......And it looks kinda summer like too. One more thing is the Damier azur too summery??? I think I can carry it into early fall....Right??
  15. I say get the BH now and then get the Neverfull when it comes out in Damier