I Need More Advice On Charms?

  1. :confused1: I know you all are probably over the whole charms question, but you guys always give me such great advice! I have been debating taking these charms off of my LV suede pouch. The bag is too small to be a clutch, but the charms seem to be too pretty to hide away inside another bag. My first idea was earings and then the charm debate arose, and one color would go great with my Sky Blue Balenciaga City and the other would go great with the Bubblegum Pink. So earings or bag charms?
    IMG_2915-1.jpg IMG_2912-1.jpg IMG_2931-1.jpg IMG_2920-1.jpg
  2. How did you get those off?

    Anyway, I'd go with earrings, as long as you can find some posts with a bottom part that'll accomodate a dangle to put them on, since they might irritate your ears, being plated brass and all.
  3. I don't recognize these charms, I don't have the same on my fringe speedy. Is it from your pochette?

  4. oooh they are so pretty! it's nice that you work with jewelry and can take them off! If I where you...I'd make one set earrings and the other set charms!
  5. :confused1:
    Well, it seems that for them to work as earings I really need 4 charms, with two on one earring. Here are pictures with a test run. I like them alot but can't decide what I like better, on the zipper pull or not.

    LBD...well, I snuck up under the fringe and snipped the top ring of the chain with wire cutters leaving the ring intact on the bag in case I want to put this charm or replace it with another back on the bag. Only because I don't use the bag seperately and my experience with jewelry making, led me to take them off.

    MP...yes, from my pochette that came with my bucket. They are sooo pretty I wish they had made larger ones of these styles and put them on the bucket!

    AJG...oh I wish I had enough to do it all with them! Earings and charms would deffinitely be the ticket!!!
    IMG_2941-1.jpg IMG_2949-1.jpg IMG_2953-1.jpg IMG_2957-1.jpg
  6. :confused1: And blue.....what do ya think?
    IMG_2964-1.jpg IMG_2972-1.jpg IMG_2959-1.jpg IMG_2971-1.jpg
  7. PS....Sorry about the crappy photos! It's in the evening, and I hate using the flash on bags and charms. I don't think I like the blue so much, but I love the pink! Maybe I will get better pictures tomorrow during the day. I hope some of you add some pictures as well!
  8. I think it's super cute on the blue Balenciaga!
  9. I like it on the pink balenciaga~~~
  10. They're cute, but I do think a little small, they almost get 'lost'
  11. They're very small, so I think they'd be perfect for earrings!
  12. OMG...I love them..cute for bag charm or earings..
  13. Oh I wish I had enough for both!!!:nuts:
  14. Cute idea! I like them better on the zipper pull (because of their small size)
  15. the little speedy is WONDERFUL... but is it in the stores???????????????