I Need More Advice On Charms?

  1. :confused1: I know you all are probably over the whole charms question, but you guys always give me such great advice! I have been debating taking these charms off of my LV suede pouch. The bag is too small to be a clutch, but the charms seem to be too pretty to hide away inside another bag. My first idea was earings and then the charm debate arose, and one color would go great with the Sky Blue City and the other would go great with the Bubblegum Pink. So earings or bag charms?

    Ps...Nanaz Blue India Twiggy is so gorgeous! I think I really want an 06 Lilac Twiggy now!!! I hope no one took the bet with Oh Donna on me not getting another bag right away!
    IMG_2915-1.jpg IMG_2912-1.jpg IMG_2931-1.jpg IMG_2920-1.jpg
  2. I think they would be more appropriate as bag charms. Since they are not meant to be worn, the contact with skin, sweat and oil might make them tarnish a lot faster.
  3. I'm not ever over bag charms. :P I think they are perfect for bags. Even if you don't like big ones on your bags, you can always add a small one to the zipper pull. My Mom is great at finding really cool ones. I need to go raid her purse charm box. :yes:
    Deana I love this thread. I keep checking it to see if anyone posted any new pics. I think Balenciagas are great bags to add a little something and the multitude of colors that the bags come in make them a purse charm dream bag. :graucho:
  4. Ps...Nanaz Blue India Twiggy is so gorgeous! I think I really want an 06 Lilac Twiggy now!!! I hope no one took the bet with Oh Donna on me not getting another bag right away!

    HAHAHA! Told ya!:yahoo:
  5. I saw this on Ebay and I think it would look cute on a BI Twiggy:
    44_1.jpg bleu%20india%20first.JPG
  6. :confused1: Well, as earings they would look prettier with 4 charms, with two together on one earing. Here are pictures with them on the bags. I do like them alot, but can't decide whether to put them on the zipper pull or not.

    Mas2388...Thank you and I have to agree with you!

    PP100...I am so happy you said that. I keep going back to look for new pictures as well! And I love the dragonfly, it's perfect for a bag charm!

    OhDonna....Oh my! lol I honestly I thought I would last a little longer than I did. Really!

    IMG_2941-1.jpg IMG_2949-1.jpg IMG_2953-1.jpg IMG_2957-1.jpg
  7. :confused1: And blue! Whatya think?:upsidedown:
    IMG_2964-1.jpg IMG_2972-1.jpg IMG_2959-1.jpg IMG_2971-1.jpg
  8. Truthfully? I like the pink, not so crazy about the blue. I promise that I will post some pics of some of mine when I get a chance. Maybe this weekend. It takes a while to get the bags out, put the things on them, take the pics, resize them, etc. :upsidedown:
  9. Oh I agree...it seems like I have been messing around with these things and taking pictures for days and days! But please put pictures up, I'd really love to see them! I was hoping to see some pretty colors like turquoise, lilac etc on the post for putting the summer colors away, to bring out the fall! hint hint Yes I agree about the blue as well, it seems like the blue bag is too dark for the gold of the charms. They aren't the best pictures though because it's in the evening, but I hate to use the flash on bal-bags. Maybe I will look at the blue in the sun, befor making my final decision! Once again you guys come through with giving me the best advice!
  10. Deana, the charms are SO GORGEOUS on your B bags! It's like it's wearing pretty jewellery :biggrin:

  11. Oh Beverly! I am so glad your back! I missed you!:crybaby:
  12. 7f_1.jpg 42_1.jpg
  13. You are so brave to dismantle the LV stuff for the charms! I love the charms on the fringe bag, I looked at the speedy and if I had $3,000 laying around and nothing to do with it, I would have gotten it!! I loved the way it jangled when you moved it. You are quite imaginative!!