I Need Mirror Silver Speedy

  1. Hi guys, does anyone know where i can find a new Silver Speedy from the Mirror collection? I found it in eBay, but the price was so high. :sad:
  2. Let-trade.com is an authentic resale shop and has silver and gold for less than eBay prices, but still around $2600-2900. Double the retail price, but the only place to find it outside of ebay. Good luck!
  3. Good luck on your search!

    If you need any help with authenticating a Miroir Speedy on eBay, feel free to post in the authentication thread under the LV Shopping section. ;)
  4. I would try calling Louis Vuitton directly and have them try to locate one for you.
  5. Thanks dear, i'll wait for the good news
  6. thanks for all
  7. I saw 2 on let-trade!
  8. You're looking for brand new or pre-owned?
  9. Brand new dear
  10. I'd take a pre-owned one even but I haven't seen one on ebay.
  11. Ok i dont mind if its pre-owned, but i hope it will be in a good condition
  12. Let trade have lots on at the moment, and ebay UK, there is one on for £335 at the moment starting price! xx Hope this helps x
  13. good luck with your search :smile:
  14. Hope you find a nice one soon!