i need me some marc jacobs luggage!

  1. came upon this while doing a search. it's a mj trolley! how hot is that? however, for $2,650 i would never want to use it. my samsonite gets so banged up just after one trip that this bag would be completely ruined even if i didn't check it in. the chain handle is cute too, but would be painful to use considering i always overpack my bags! it's nice to dream though...

  2. That is SOOOOO cute! Where on earth did you find that?
  3. So cute ... I agree, I would be too scared to use it though!
  4. dont worry kim - since your such a good tpf buddy, ill buy it for you for xmas! ;)
  5. I KNOW! We can use the MJ luggage when we take our private jets on the Round the World trip!

    The ONLY ways I'd buy that expensive luggage would be if I had a private jet AND if I was rich!!!. But I guess if I were that rich, I may not care if it got dinged up...but then again....
  6. lol, i concur, that leather is too soft fot travel use. i would rather have lv luggage which seems more manageable since it's a canvas exterior.
  7. it looks like mbmj is getting in on the action too. from Shopbop.com:


    it's cute, but too military for my tastes. although at $378, it is much more reasonable than the mj version.
  8. ^^^ that one seems more durable too. I'd destroy that MJ one after a couple of trips. I use my luggage pretty frequently & am not at all gentle/careful with it so it gets a beating. And after watching the airport crew toss it around repeatedly I'm glad I buy 'sturdy' vs more pretty luggage.
  9. Very cute! I love the first one! But could never afford that and would hate to have it checked in.