I need LV advice!

  1. I have a balanciaga in ink and love it!!! BUT, I want something different for the summer, and just time for something new. I use a purse everyday, so durable is a must (not something that will fall apart with everyday use). I like the look of the speedy. How big is the denim one? I like a bigger purse, so is this one to small? I was thinking of the momo-canvas one too, maybe a 30. Any thoughts? What is a good price for both of these? Good sites to buy from?? Any others that I should look at before I make a first purchase?? Thanks in advance for all the help, I wanted expert advice and knew this was the place to come!!!!
  2. You can see the retail price for these on Eluxury.com. Also, try mypoupette.com for authentic auctions and I believe there is a list of authentic sellers in the Authenticate this! forum. You can check out all styles on Elux though. Good luck!!
  3. Speedy 30 is bigger than denim speedy and I personally think you will have less worry about dirt etc plus mono speedy is classic . You can dress is up and down.
    The ONLY website to buy LV is www.eluxury.com or just go to LV stores.

    LV is NEVER on Sale unlike some other designers brands, the only time you can get good price if you want to get second hand one.
    It's retail price plus tax
    Mono speedy 30: $ 585
    Denim speedy: $1320

    I also want to let you know that there is price increase start on June 12th.

    Good luck, let us know what you decide..
  4. For summer, I'd prefer the Denim Speedy.
    I just got mine yesterday, so I'm a little biased :shame:
    I carried it today for the 1st time and I really enjoyed it.

    But the Mono Speedy is way cheaper and def. a classic.
    Have you thought about an Epi Speedy? Not as pricey es the Denim and available in some really pretty colours.
  5. OOOH, now I looking at the Alma one, I love that you can buy a shoulder strap for it too, that gives me the option of throwing on my shoulder when one of the kids are with me. Which one, Which one???

  6. ***As another one becomes hooked on the PF!!!**** Welcome to the club, it's kinda like that old Eagles Hotel California song, "You can check in but you can NEVAAA check out!" :graucho: :graucho: :graucho: :lol: :lol:
  7. The Alma is great!
    But if you like shoulder bags, how about the Lodge?
    This is the PM, but it's also available in the bigger GM-style.
    alma u lodge.jpg