I need little help on website finding...please!

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  1. Hi, everyone... I am looking for the Japanease website that this forum member posted somewhere a while ago. The lady who writes blog name is 'Mika'. She is a reseller in Japan.. Her website has great eye-candies. It was something like www.hermesmika.fc54... something...My computer cleaned out website address where I've been!!!!!!!!!! I want to see what she has been updating her website. Besides Hermes bags, she put pictures of very beautiful and delicious looking food! But I can't find it! I tried hours...:crybaby: Please help! I want to see her new bag update as eye-candies and her new FOOD and sight seeing! Thanks!:flowers:
  2. That's it! Thank you!!!
  3. from that blog, is that an orange lizard 30?
  4. I bookmarked it...it shows up as: herpla.net

    I tried contacting her via e-mail and I never got a response...maybe you will have better luck
  5. i think it's most likely 25cm, i don't think they can make lizard bags in larger sizes
  6. that's what i thought so. i swear, it looks like a 30 from that angle and comparing to the other bags. i wish they would make bigger lizard bags.....:crybaby:
  7. hmm... so can someone tell me if shes a reliable reseller?
    Can we actually purchase from her ?....
  8. I love the photos... but uhm,:shame: is there a english version? :s
  9. Oh god, look at this!! :drool:

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Oh my gosh! that is amazing!! :love: don't tell me that is your closet again!:nuts:
  12. a 25cm Birkin,.. "Baggaholic passes out" thump!
  13. No, but I'm almost there!!! :graucho:
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