I Need LimeLight Pics & Prices

  1. Hey guys,

    Need some pics & prices for my reference thread! For some reason this bag is NOT on lv.com.
    I need pics of both colors....so if you would be willing to share a photo, please post it here! I will appropriately reference your picture.
    Would prefer straight on pictures of the bag...and even an inside shot would be OK!

    Also...what was the final retail price in the US (lookbook listed $1275 but I want to be 100% sure)?

    Thanks for your help!!!!

  2. I think SELENA has both of these....if Im not mistaken!
  3. The bag IS on LV.com, only it is listed in the CLUTCHES section.
    Take a look at that site and then let me know if you need any others !!
  4. ^ Yep it's there
  5. Ahhh crappers...totally missed that (I kept looking under 'city bags')!!! Thanks gals!!! Those pics should probably be good enough :smile:
  6. Oh...I was thinking Twiggers was going LV again. ;)

    Oh wait, I see your sig. line that you DO want something LV. Cool. :heart:
  7. LOL!!!!! I wish I was....nothing screaming my name though!!! At least not right now :smile: