I need Lily

  1. do you think it will still be around for PCE? I want it in whiskey. I'm in lust. :heart::heart:
  2. Here's hoping!!! I want it in whiskey as well and am hoping it will be around if there is a PCE next month!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  3. Have you called JAX to find out how many they have left? When I got mine and had to exchange it for another one (the coloring was off and not even), they said they only had 28 left at that time, and that was Friday night.

    I don't know if it will be around by then or not. The ladies I've spoken with on the phone have said it's selling out rather quickly because it's been featured in a lot of magazines and ad campaigns.

    But the black will probably be around for it since it's coming out on 09-11.
  4. Oh those darn celebrities need to stop buying Lily so they'll be left for us!!! I'm just hoping it will be like Miranda, everyone said the bordeaux was going quickly, but it's still showing online. Only time will tell I guess. I have some stuff on eBay that I'm hoping will sell and I could put that money towards Lily (plus 3 things I'm returning that I haven't used as credit), but if I can just hold out a few more weeks and she's still around for PCE, I'd rather wait and use my eBay money for other stuff...like the Daphne bracelet!!!
  5. hmm, since my SA loves me so much I wonder if he would let me get it now, and adjust it later? He said the PCE is 2nd week of Sept.
  6. There's a thought! If you find out, let me know what he says...I might try that too...(if my eBay stuff sells that is!!!)
  7. You girls might actually find lily in whiskey popping up on ebay as well.
  8. I check ebay daily but haven't seen it yet. But I bet at some point they'll be there!
  9. I'm with ya sister! I can't wait to try one of those on!