I need Kitson promotion codes

  1. Does anybody knows discounts codes for Home | Kitson Boutique? TIA
  2. I don't think i have ever seen a Kitson code. It would be great if there was one though!
  3. :crybaby: Thanks anyway
  4. they don't exist
  5. oh, i saw one in ok magazine. okvitakitson
    i think that only saves for the brand vita, but it might work
  6. 25 off i think
  7. I believe there is one in the new Seventeen magazine for like 15% off or so.
  8. the one from Seventeen magazine is Kitson17 and that saves 20%.
    Expires 4/11/07
  9. Thank you!
  10. I just used the kitson17 code and it works on sale items too!

    Thanks much! :nuts:
  11. Thanks for posting this! This is great!
  12. so buy or not to buy the Marc Jacobs shoes on sale :sos:
  13. ^^ exactly! I think i'm going to buy the green pair!
  14. i need a modern kitson code for kitson.com
  15. :crybaby:
    That code expired just yesterday.