i need international shipping website

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  1. i need international shipping website for skin care , some brands not available in my country .
  2. strawberrynet.com ships worldwide, as far as I know. Besides, their shipping is always complimentary, which is nice. I think the same goes for feelunique.com.

    ETA: Though they may not have the brands you want.
  3. I always buy from this website. Trusty, fast, cheaper and secure.......
    Worldwide shipping, too.

  4. Hi, these websites ship internationally

    Or I use this shipping service:
    I personally use this service (3 years now) to ship things to me from USA to Bahrain and am very happy.

    You might want to try your local courier services like Aramex which have shop and ship services from USA and UK.

  5. The products on strawberrynet are fake.

    Check with your credit card company OP, most of them have freight forwarding services.
  6. I find those mail forwarding services so ridiculously expensive.
  7. How do you know this? As far as i'm aware they sell genuine products.
  8. ^ Sent you a pm!
  9. What brands are you interested in?
  10. I use Aramex shop and ship.
  11. .
  12. Are you sure, everything I have ever bought on there has been genuine?
  13. OK, didn't know that. Not that I buy from them anyway, just heard about them from a girl I know.

    ETA: I see that not everyone here shares your opinion. I'm confused now. Anyway, as I said, I was just forwarding what I've heard.
  14. Thats fine everybody obviously has there own opinions and i understand that. I have done my research and i would suggest anybody thoroughly research any sites they are purchasing off online before making a purchase. A really simple thing to do is actually call the company of the products on strawberry net that you are interested in and see if the strawberry net is an authorised retailer of their products. There was also an article in vogue (pretty sure vogue or something very similar) a while back that i am trying to find online but haven't had much luck sourcing as yet.

    Totally off topic OP so my apologies!
  15. you can search international website with the help of google and i think you will get best web site with the help of google