I need info on Coach black tweed satchel #6126

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  1. I bought it in 1999 (I believe) and I have never used it...though the box is pretty beat up after several moves over the years! I don't remember what I paid for it, or even what it cost.....I purchased it at what used to be Hudson's Department store...(then was Marshall Field's, now Macy's) so, I know it is the real thing....I just would like to know where I could get some info on it. I'm thinking of selling it......thanks so much....Kari I can't tell what year it was made because the inside serial number reads J9D-6126....thanks
  2. I think that *might* be one of the original Bleecker bags, but I am not 100% certain. I have seen a few or them on eBay here and there. Have you tried calling Coach with the style number? Sometimes they can give you the style name.

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  3. thanks.....