I need inclusion PM help, please!

  1. Okay, I need to make a decision re: sizing for the grey inclusion bracelet -- S or M? My wrist is aprox 5.5" and the widest part of my hand is (as near as I can tell) is like 7.5". I'm thinking the small might be better, since most bangles will tend to fall off me -- but if anyone here has the small (or has tried the small) inclusion, could you tell me how it worked for you??

    I won't ask you to measure your wrist/widest part of your hand like me, because I am crazy, but it would be helpful to know... :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Go with the medium, IMO. The small is SO tiny, I looked at it the other day (I didn't try it on) and it would have fit on my wrist, but getting it over my hand would be pretty painful.
    As long as your hand is a bit wider, it'll keep your bracelet from falling off.
    Here's a pic that might help...they're mediums:
  3. I have tried on both. I do have a tiny writst and the small size fits perfect. It goes on pretty easy, not too difficult! The regular size just about fell off my hand. I opt for the small size!!! Good luck