I need ideas on selling my jewelry

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  1. I make jewelry and want to market it. I have tried to get into craft fairs but so far there all over $125 per table or full. What are some ways you ladys sell other than craft fairs and etsy? Is it possible to make a facebook account for it? I need some help, right now its just sitting in a box :sad:
  2. I dont make jewelry or anything, but I would make a facebook account about your stuff and link it to where your selling it online. Just add everyone! Also, maybe the mall where you live has days you can set up a table to sell things, my mall does this about once a month and its always super buisy
  3. I don't sell jewelry or other crafts myself, but I know people who have. One gal claimed she did her best business selling at gun shows, truck shows, motorcyle shows, anyplace where guys drag their girlfriends and the gals feel bored and neglected, so they buy jewelry. Another gal said she would set up her jewelry displays on a table during happy hour at a popular bar. Claimed she did several thousand dollars of sales on a good night. Girls would have a few drinks and buy a necklace. Don't know what she said to the owner or bartender to convince them to let her do this, or if she even asked them. Maybe she offered them a cut in the sales. Dunno.
  4. Thanks for the ideas. I am starting a blogspot and facebook page. I'll have to check with my mall.
  5. yep- definitely start a facebook page!
    i just started one for mine.

    if you search you'll find cheaper fairs. around here at this time of year alot of churches and schools do them. i'm able to find shows for $35-$60

    if you can afford it, it wouldn't hurt to do one of the more expensive ones. those type of shows are actually spending money on advertising