I need ideas of where to go for my 21st birthday, just me and SO :)

  1. Any help would be great, not too keen on Spain or France though so anywhere else? We're looking for a nice sunny holiday just to relax but sightsee at the same time :smile:
    Thanks!!! Oh and maybe see if I can get a cheaper Balenciaga from there too :p lol
  2. Ehm...Rome?? Or Venice?? You said your not keen on Spain, but I have to say that Barcelona is the best partycity in Western Europe!! Barca will just steal your heart!!

    Happy Birthday and have a nice time!
  3. not sure on your budget, but i was going to say the following..

  4. Italy..very romantic.
  5. (I see you are from Edinburgh! I stayed in West Lothian when I was in Scotland!)


    Vegas, New York, Italy, Hawaii, Costa Rica! ..
    All great places to go.
  6. Did you enjoy it? If you ever visit Scotland again, please check out Edinburgh it's so gorgeous, especially in the winter with all the xmas lights and fireworks! :smile:
  7. im going to disney with SO for his 21st and for mine we are going to universal next year.
    portugal is really nice, lisbon has great shopping and great food, and you can get there on easyjet. its only a 2 hour drive from the capital to the algarve, pria derocha (i know iv spelt that wrong) isn very touristy but is really nice and very up market.
  8. Rome it is an absolutely beautiful city with loads to see and do, I fell in love all over again when I visited with my BF I have very fond memories.

    If you want to go somewhere further away go for Vegas it's FAB!

    Cherry Pie when you go to Universal do a VIP tour you get to backstage visits, que jump and go into the prop areas, I did it in Los Angeles but Florida is a working studio too so I think it'll be similar if they do it it is totally worth it
  9. thanks for the tip. we are doing the behind the scenes magic kingdom tour in september. you get a guided tour of behind the scenes on the rides and visit the VIP lounges hidden around the park and things like that, theres also a private museum.
  10. wow that sounds really cool I didn't even know they did that,
  11. I would say Italy or Greece...the Greek islands!