I need HUGS..IT's been a dreadful week

  1. :cry: I've had a wreched week...first my CC number got stolen and some :censor: H*** had a 2000.00 shoping spree on ME! I was so ticked, then the worst thing happened...I went home to vist my mom and dad for fathers day and well my mom and sister are less than fond of the fringe bucket that I just got (I promised them it looked much better IRL) and I was showing them the bag and my mom says "Michelle, there's a red bead missing off this charm, didn't you just buy this?" Paul (my loving and very understanding boyfriend) was assuming the position to administer CPR at the exact moment he heard the word "missing" becasue yep I FREAKED :blink: :cry: . YEP i went crazy for a good 3 hrs, seriously CRYING like a 2 year old baby. I was so bummend I mean I've only had the bag a week. I brought the bag in today to have it repaired and the SA told me that it might have to be shipped to france rather than California for repair due to the fact the bag was made in france and parts may not be available in the states. So yep it's probably going to take 6 WEEKS to glue the dam bead on to the LV charm and get the bag back to me :rant: :blink: :cry: Please give me huggs :cry:
  2. oh nooooo i'm so sorry to hear that!!! I hope you get your cc money back and most of all your bucket soon!!! Maybe they'll even give you a new one!
  3. I am so sorry to hear that and i hope every thing turns out ok.
  4. ***hugs*** yeah, i hope you get all your money back on your CC... ***hugs*** and i'm really sorry about your LV piece.... ***hugs***
  5. I hope you get your c/c mess sorted out. Second I hope it doesnt take long to get the bag back or you can go in a ***** so they will just replace the bag.

    Otherwise {{HUGS}}
  6. That's terrible! I hope your bag has a very speedy (or bucket-y lol)recovery. (((Hugs)))
  7. ***hugs, hugs, hugs***
  8. Oh man! Sorry to hear this.
    Did the SA say anything about this being normal or others having this happened to them?
    I was wondering about the same thing the other day...how well those little charms and beads would hold up.

    Here's a hug for you:
  9. I'm sorry to hear this...<<<hugs>>>

    But seriously, that bag is way to expensive to have ANYTHING fall off - EVER!:censor:
  10. :sad: Michelle, I hope your CC card refunds all the $$$ soon (they better!) and don't worry about the bead! I am sure it will be fine! (((((((HUGS)))))))
  11. That's just aweful!!!! I felt like crying when I read your thread! I can totally understand how upset you must be! I hope that everything works out smoothly. Maybe you can do some more retail therapy? It always works for me!
  12. :mad: I hope the rotten thief that stole your cc# gets what they deserve. I'm also sorry about your bag, I'd be beside myself, too. :sad: Here's a great big hug (((HUG))) I hope everything goes super smooth for you from here on out.:flowers:
  13. oh so sorry, i hope you get your money back! :cry: i know how you feel, my wallet was stolen twice in 6 months.

    *many hugs*
  14. Oh, my gosh. Sorry you've had such a terrible week. I hope your CC situation gets straightened out soon, and that your bag has a speedy recover:yes: !

  15. omg, how terrible! *hugs*. I hope everything works out okay.