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  1. I'm a little sad today. This morning I was on the net and found a disturbing "blog" that my sister-in-law had written. Wow, my very on hater. Should I feel flattered or upset? I kinda don't know. :shrugs:

    I admit, purses are my weakness...Coach, Gucci, LV, Chanel. Yes, I likey, likey. But why does she have to bash on me like that when she's buying LVs for herself? What she failed to mention in her synopsis was that I have a good job as an RN and I work almost 50 hours a week. It's not like I'm sitting on my bum-bum and spending money that I don't have. And BTW, there are certain things called bonuses and gifts from husbands!

    She also mentioned other things that irritated her...or should I say things that I did to irritate her. Things like how our stuff is in her family's garage with "no room for the cars" but fyi (and my MIL agrees)...you couldn't fit a car in there even before we moved our things into the garage. Let me ponder how many times she's cleaned the garage or cleaned the yard:hrmm: Hmmm...that would be zero. I've gotten more mileage using the vaccum than she has.:yes:

    It's like she summed up my life in two paragraphs but yet she doesn't really know me. :crybaby: I've been with her brother for nine years and I only want for us to be friends:sad:

    How do I deal with someone who is just hating on me? I am usually a happy person but her comment kinda ruined my Wednesday.
  2. I'd confront her and let her know you found her blog.... maybe then the truth can come out and things will be worked out and you can feel closure. Some people aren't ever meant to be friends til the end. This might be one of those situations. I'm sorry you had to read such painful hater stuff on the internet!! Argh- I'd be p***ed and saddened at the same time.
  3. **************hugs********************!!!
  4. I am sorry to hear that....and to find out that way that she is bashing behind your back. But if you have a talk with her and confront her about it, maybe true communication will arrange things. Either she doesn´t know you that well and is just assuming or either she´s jealous.....but you seem like a nice person, nice enough to care so after it will be up to her, but request that at least she doesn´t mention you anymore on her blog, or keeps it private.
  5. If it was me I would ask her about it, let her know I am aware of the situation. Is she really young? this sounds very much childish and if she is young she might grow out of it. Also you mention that you've been with her brother for 9 years, has it always been this way or did something happened? Maybe she used to be close to her brother and recents you? Have you talked to your boyfriend? maybe he is the one that has to fix this.

    I used to not be able to stand my brother's girlfriend, but that was because I thought she was a bad influence, so I would just ignore her. But when my brother asked me to be nice to her, I just had to find the good in her and change my attitude. I think that, after 2 years of their relationship, I knew I wasn't going to win that one, plus I didn't want to jeopardize my relationship with my bro.

    so there is the advice from someone who was the 'evil sister' before.

    p.s. I never wrote any blogs about her!!
  6. I experienced something like this and was distraught too. It was family members whom I thought I was on very good terms with, but turned out had been speaking a lot of ill things behind my back (related to my spending habits as well). It left me depressed for days and I cried a lot. I didn't know what to do to change the situation - just pretended to keep on getting along with them. Things seem okay now but they don't know that I know about it and I can't ever forget the hurtful things they said......... :push:
  7. Laugh it away. I know it hurts but at least you are not a non-entity in her mind. You bother her enough for her to write about you. You can't be friends with the whole world and most SILs don't get along anyway, so live and let live.
  8. It's not worth getting upset about. I think no matter how hard you try there are times when family members just don't want to be close or act like you are to your face and then behind your back talk about you. Let it go. I am not sure if it is even worth confronting her with it. I guess you could take your stuff out of her garage since she is bothered by it. You can rent a small storage space cheap. With the things you buy it is your own business, maybe she is jealous? You can always copy the blog and sit down and have a talk. I am sure she will be shocked that you found it and maybe embarassed but it would get things in the open.
    Hugs, it really is not worth getting upset about. It is not worth your time.
  9. I suggest a kiddie pool and about 30 gallons of Jell-o.
  10. Is this X-rated or something? Kiddie pool, jell-o and Husband?
  11. I have never been in this kinda situation before.. but my mom has (not via blogs though, they are not as technology inclined as us these days)..her sister in law has always been bad-mouthing my mom infront of the other relatives (i assume cause she's rather jealous that my mom would purchase designer bags and etc) and my mom does work to purchase her bags.. but she left it alone, they would exchange casual remarks during family gatherings and stuff..

    i have always wondered why my mom never confront her and have asked many times regarding the subject.. but she always said that at the end of the day, they are still family..

    but if i were you (or my mom), i would confront her face to face.. seriously, don't take things lying down, people would step all over you.. but that's just me :smile:
  12. I think you should let your sister in law know that you saw her blog, and maybe bring it to the attention of other members of your family. Family should always treat each other with respect - this is a most disgusting case of washing dirty linen on the internet.
  13. No! Cat fight...duh!
  14. Tell your husband and let him yell the crap out of her! Hahahahah, just kidding.

    Seriously, I think you need to sit down with her and tell her you are aware of her blog and talk about what it is that annoys her very much. If after talking to her she still treats you the same way then it's not worth it and if it were me, I'd limit all contact with her. She has deeper issues and no amount of coaxing her to talk about it will make you the best of friends.

    I too had a falling out with my husband's sibs (they thought I was marrying my husband for money - who by the way was penniless at that time of our wedding) and I tried my darndest to reach out to them but they just thought I was trash. Not even a year after our wedding I got a great job that paid way more than my husband's work ever did and they finally shut up but I just couldn't take being treated that way. Bless my husband's soul for seeing through all that envy and he never forced me into situations with them again. I told him he can have a relationship with them but he doesn't have to include me.

    I hope everything works out with you and your sister-in-law but if it doesn't I hope your husband supports you.:yes:
  15. Does she have a 'leave a comment'' link on her blog? - if yes - write her an answer :graucho:
    I'm so sorry - I know it's not easy for you and it will take some time to heal :sad:
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