I need honest opinions on these Marc Jacobs sunglasses!! thanx!

  1. I only get my sunglasses at loehmanns and i found these for a great price (under $35!!) however I already have a funky pair of missoni glassses in green and don't "need" another pair. Money is super tight....but it is Chanuka....:angel:

    so i'll keep them if their awesome and return if not. And i know it seems stupid but I care that they say Marc right up front. I don't own a lot of name brands so it's fun to flaunt the ones i do:upsidedown:
  2. they are cute, but how does it look on ur face is important ;)
  3. I think they are darling...do they look good on?.
  4. they are definitely oversized. but not to brag- i've got a pretty easy face for sunglasses to look good on b/c it is oval shaped. so my concern is more about the style and if they look like anything special or not.
    they are more oversized in real life than in the pic and i'm not sure if that look is still in or not.
    thanks so much for the help.:smile:
  5. IMO, i think the square round shade will be good as oversize, not sure about this shape though. sorry, i cant help, but they do look cute in the pic alone
  6. I bought those a day ago at Century 21,and returned them today!

    they are cute,but they didnt look that great on me.
  7. :tup: It's going to be different for each person.
  8. They are cute! Do you have any modeling pics?
  9. Those are cute! If you LOVE them and they look good on you, then I say keep them. But if you're not sure, then I would keep looking until you find something you love.
  10. honestly.. they're really cute! :biggrin:
  11. cute but would look terrible on me.
  12. i would pass on them
  13. I like them!
  14. I like this! You should definitely keep it. And besides, black shades goes with everything. :graucho:
  15. Cute!