I need honest opinions about my new black city!

  1. This finally came today. Do you all think that this bag is too wrinkly? My FB, VD and VIF are just so SMOOTH. MY Truffle is wrinkly like this though. I need absolute honest opinions, please should I keep this? DO you think that it is okay? I have never seen black irl until now as crazy as it sounds, but they are always gone whenever I have tried to see them IRL. Is the leather on this one okay?

  2. Oooh, its gorgeous!!! Heck, if you don't want it, feel free to send it my way, ;).

    Seriously though, its lovely.
  3. How does it feel? Is it dry or soft? I guess that would make me decide to keep it I don't think I would mind a little wrinkly as long as the leather is soft? Dont know if wrinkles and soft mix?LOL Sorry not too much help I guess.
  4. It doesn't look very veiny to me at all! My anthracite twiggy is much veinier than that....but as long as the veins are uniform, it doesn't matter to me. :smile: It's going to look VERY different once you've worn it for awhile. It'll be more matte, which diminishes the appearance of the veins.

  5. This is good to know.
  6. I like my leather a little more on the distressed side. This one to me is perfect because it's not too distressed but not super smooth! I think it's GREAT!
  7. Honestly..it's such a personal preference (wrinkly/not wrinkly, veiny/smooth) that it really should go by whether you love it when you pet it and wear it. I like really distressed leather on certain bags and then not on others, even within the same styles. So if you're only questioning it because it's outside of your usual comfort zone, but you do love it- don't worry! If you're not crazy about the feel of the leather, you can use some Apple Conditioner to see if that helps with dryness.
    I think it looks really cool, personally.
  8. I adore wrinkly bags. IMO the wrinkles make the bag softer over time and more pliable. .......wrinkles also add a lot of texture and depth to bags.....we're talking about wrinkles mind you, not veins ( the white lines on a bag ...more prevalent in 2006 bags) ..a bag can be veiny and smooth ..which I don't prefer.

    This bag is perfectly wrinkly and gorgeous!!!
  9. I think it is gorgeous! :yes:
  10. I love it - but what really matters is what you think!:smile:
  11. Looks like it's very evenly distressed. I like it, and think it will wear very nicely - but again, it's important that you like it :yes:
  12. I think it's beautiful.......I love wrinkly leather as long as it's soft and smooshy. Give it a few days.
  13. IMO - i reckon it looks perfect! :o)
  14. I like highly distressed, veiny leather. It's the whole spirit of motorcycle. It would be weird IMO to actually have a moto bag that is smooth like Chanel. I think this bag is beautiful!
  15. I love it! The wrinkle distressing looks very cool. Since it's brand new and black I wouldn't do anything to it, but take it out for a test drive...and see how I felt carrying it. Looks very rock-star to me.