I need helps from tpfers

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  1. :cursing:Okay. I bidded and won this Louis vuitton wallet. Apparently it turns out to be a fake. I just have it authenticated in the authentication thread.

    Please report to eBay that it's an replica and hope that the seller will be remove from eBay.

    And now, I've to get eBay to make sure I wont get a stupid feedback ( i dont really have one to start with. ):sad:

    Item number : 330136236395

    REPORT THIS SELLER. :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. Done! hopefully you havent paid for this item.

  3. Ya. I haven. I wanted to make sure its authentic before making payment. Luckily for me.
  4. Done! Hope it all works out okay for you!
  5. done, hope everything works out.
  6. I did it too! I bet it'll be taken down soon... there's a lot of us TPFer's!
  7. I hope everything works out for you.I had that happen to me with a Dior Saddle.Seller sworn up and down it was real.I scared the mess out of her and she cancelled the transaction.Then she relisted it.It made me so sick to my stomach seeing she did tha and sold it after all to someone clueless or who didn't care.
  8. Done - I hope that they will take it down.
  9. Done!
  10. I;ve emailed her but I'm still waiting for her reply.

    Thanks everyone. :smile:
  11. I reported as well. At least you didn't pay for it.
  12. please post posts like this in the sticky thread for fakes in the LV Shopping Forum.
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