I need help!!!

  1. So I sold some nail polish on eBay, sent it out on 14/02, she should've got it in like 2 days, its been a week now, I have a receipt from the post office. Can she claim against me? What do I do? Refund her? Insurance was optional :sad:
  2. how did you ship it? if you sent it first class, those idiots at the usps take up to 3 weeks. it says on eBay that seller is not responsible for shipping time. you should still always purchase a delivery conf. in case the buyer challenges you.
  3. UK seller, but yeah it was first class :sad: You get a slip here with the amount paid to ship and the buyers address on it
  4. Not enough time has passed yet. Give it a while yet.
  5. Did she pay thru Paypal?
    I don;'t know what the Intl' Paypal rules are though.
    Here, in the states, if she doesn't get the package, Paypal will refund her.
    It's not her responsibilty to buy insurance, Paypal/eBay says it's the SELLER'S responsibilty to make sure the package gets to them.
    They side w/ the Buyer almost everytime.
  6. did she pay through paypal? paypal doesn't cover international transactions. she could file a claim if she wants to. are you wondering because she complained?
  7. I usually tack insurance & delivery confirmation onto my shipping charge. As Swanky says, it's the seller's responsibility to get the package to the buyer.

    Was it sent within your own country?
  8. It may take more time. I had the same thing happen to me. I mailed nail polish to NY from DC on a Wednesday and the seller did not get it until the following Saturday.

    I was about to refund her money that Monday, but she had emailed me that Saturday saying she got it.
  9. I'm not worried, just like to know where I stand with things like this lol :smile:
    thanks, I will lyk what happens