I need help

  1. Hi ,

    I want to sell my bags( I have a big collection ) on eBay
    but I dont have an account there ( in eBay & pay pal) :crybaby:

    can any one help me ?
  2. Well sign up for an account. It only takes a few minutes. What questions do you have specifically?
  3. Hi, welcome!

    First off you need to create an account on eBay & Paypal. That's really the only way!

    Good luck! :smile:

  4. There are certain eBay sellers that will sell on consignment, or are "trading assitants" you can email them to sell your item for you. They will charge a commission for sure.
  5. HI you can sign up for an account and buy some low priced items to get some feedback. But since you would be a new user, ebay will restrict the amount of purses you can sell.
  6. I think your best bet is to first sign up for an acoount. Or you can do a search on ebay, because there are other people who can sell it for you. But they will charge a percentage amount of money though. Oh and since you will be new, ebay will restrict the amount of handbags listed.