I need help!!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I need help, I bought on eBay over a month ago a large classic flap Chanel. When I recd. the bag I did not have a good feeling about the bag. I thought it was fake, but she included the receipt...dust bag...id card etc....But the leather felt off. I have authentic Chanel bags and this bag did not feel the same. To make a long story shore...I found out that it is fake. Have tried to call the seller...she has not returned my calls.

    My questions is if she does return my calls (and I am going to lose that last 10lbs tommorow) should I just ask for a moneyorder/check back or ask her to credit my credit card...did not do it through Paypal. I had a bad feeling about this auction from the get go. Always go with gut:push: .

    Any suggestions. I know this is the Hermes thread, but I thought I would just post and see if anyone can help me with suggestions.

  2. Unfortunately, I highly doubt she will return your calls. Once she's gone as far as to ship you a fake bag, and she already has your money, why should she? Best bet is to report her to eBay, but it's also doubtful they will do anything to help you either. Leave appropriate feedback and keep trying to contact her. Sellers who send you fake or damaged product know exactly what they are doing and have no shame. It's a sad but true fact.
  3. you need to file a claim immedfiately with eBay and paypal! there is a time limit om how long you can dop this! they will more than likely ask for a letter of authentication from Chanel. If Chanel wont provide one to you you can send the bag to ebay and THEY will authenticate it. And I would definitley leave her neg feedback...

    but file that claim asap!

    how did you pay for it?

    I think this should be moved to the ebay forum....
  4. First, let me say what a terrible experience, M&J, and I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. While Oh Donna is right, this thread probably should be moved to the eBay sub-forum, I wanted to mention that since it sounds like you paid by credit card, contact your credit card company IMMEDIATLY and tell them that you have a dispute with the seller and the related facts and they will put a hold on processing the payment to the seller. American Express is in particular very good about handling these type of situations. It is one reason to always use credit cards when buying off of eBay, even when paying through PayPal.
  5. yes and american express is the best card to buy things ebay related. They are very fast with their researching it and chargebacks.
  6. Sorry, I need to move this to the ebay forum.
  7. I am so sorry, but you can kiss your money goodbye. She is not going to send you a refund. even if you went through paypal after 45days they don't refund. And even more upsetting (as I found out) If the seller does not have the money in their paypal account or if paypal cannot get the money from the sellers bank account, the buyer is just SOL. Always use your credit card so that if paypal can't get the money from the seller you credit card will take the money from paypal. Amex I have heard is the best card to use for online purchases.
  8. Please forward the item number.
  9. File a dispute with ebay as item significantly not as described since you didn't go through paypal. Then contact your credit card company and tell them you received counterfeit merchandise. Please do NOT send the bag back to the seller unless eBay instructs you to do so. I am confident that you'll get your money back through your credit card (I know this unfortunately from experience).