I need help

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  1. Ok so I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but here goes.
    The new Steamer, gawwwwd I've been lusting for MONTHS since the pic came out. The one w the grey/blue/black combo..
    To fund it, as I'm on ban island, I'll have to sell some pieces I'm 'eh' about but will only get me halfway to my goal. The rest I'd have to cc and I don't want to do that (paying law school loans as aggressively as I can.)

    There's only a few bags left and I can get one. Persuade me, talk me out of it... pick your poison.
  2. OK here's my help.

    Are you against buying pre-loved?

    I have found that with these type of bags, you can find them pre-loved within a year of them coming out, in great condition and for some great savings.

    For example I always wanted the W bag, but the price point was just not in my budget. Check out Ebay and other sites. For comparison the only W left on the LV website is the W PM 1/2 mono 1/2 leather for $4,400 plus tax. There is one on Ebay in Excellent condition for $3,495.00 or Best Offer.

    Sometimes the wait is worth it, especially if you are on ban island (I'm there with you).
  3. It sounds like you are really in love with this bag but the reality is that you would have to sacrifice quite a bit to get it...this includes some of your current bags but also being willing to go into debt while already having a considerable financial obligation (that being repayment of your student loans). As beautiful and lust-worthy the Steamer may be, at the end of the day it's just that, a bag. It doesn't have superpowers, it won't cure cancer, or end starvation in Africa...it will simply just hold your wallet, keys, and other essentials which is something that your current bags already do. Be patient and wait; one day you'll find something else to melt over or even find one of these pre-loved if it's still not being made. One student to another:lecture::hugs:
  4. Lol Miss. Krys!
    ::ducks from the smacks::

    Youre right. I knew it.

    My husband doesnt help. He offered to give me a large chunk. Can't do that though. That's a BIG GIANT NO.
  5. I know all too well what it's like to have to give up something you desperately want but don't need and it can be both frustrating and crushing. At this time the Steamer is simply a want but it should NEVER interfere with your financial security, personal commitments, and overall wellbeing. Sit back, take 10, and enjoy your current collection...even the 'meh' bags because I'm sure you still love them very much but are only thinking that way right now because you have stars in your eyes for the Steamer.
  6. Miss. Krys, I needed that. I was too starstruck. You kick #$$ and *&^% and $%$#@$~%* as well
    (poubts for the last one!)
  7. There is a W ..same as mine on Fashionphile..now I think like 20% off. Just sayin ;)
  8. Save and/or sell what you aren't using. Sounds like you would have to give up a lot for one.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: You know that the W is my kryptonite! Haha! I was just drooling over pictures of one online... One day she will be mine!!

    Alas my new Keepall 55 Mono Macassar arrived today, and I'm quietly resting on the shores of ban island (this place is packed to the gills!) :biggrin:
  10. Hang in there and be patient. The wait will be worth it one day, especially when you're free from student loan payments and can indulge your wants worry-free:hugs:
  11. And no I'm not against preloved!! Whatre my chances of finding that bag pl though? Grrr.
  12. You rock lady ::hugs:: thank you:smile:
  13. personally wouldn't buy a bag for over 3k second hand with new is over 4k
  14. Most welcome:blush:
  15. When you're done paying your school loan, there will for sure be a better and more lust-worthy bag from LV!:tup::tup:
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