i need help!!

  1. i've posted to sell a bag on eBay.........i have 2 best offers in which one i turned down because it was too low.......the other one is $70 away from my posted price...

    how do i know whether i should accept the best offer or not? the best offer is about 30% below retail (when i bought it, tax not included)..

    please let me know!! im not sure whether i should post this here..but someone please help!! :crybaby:
  2. I think it's a pretty good offer. Because where I am, usually the best offer is 50% off retail.
  3. depends on how much use you got out of the bag. If you buy a bag for $365 and wear it every day then it ends up being a $1 a day. So think about how much use you have gotten out of it, then it will be eaiser to decied what % to cell it under!!!
  4. i've really used it for the first half year i bought it..then it's been sitting in the closet.......i've had the bag for a year now...........so......i have no idea what i should do!!!