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  1. I just saw the Break-Up and fell in love w/ the white clutch Jennifer Aniston carries on one of her dates. www.moviehole.net/.../20060618_the_breakup.html I have no idea who makes the bag, or where I can find it. Can anybody help, please?
  2. Hey Skittle! Sorry...I can't help you, but the leather looks so wonderfully soft that I'm bumping this up so maybe someone here can help you identify it. The writer seemed to be more interested in something else about her, and therefore he wasn't concentrating on what clutch she was carrying. :smile:
  3. Can someone pull up a better picture?
  4. i need a better picture too see it.
  5. I have looked and looked and looked, but to no avail. That is the only picture I could find. :sad: She wears it in the movie to her first and second date. The movie shows it best; there's even one scene when she opens and fidgets with it. I'll keep looking the web though; there's got to be a better picture out there.