I need help!!!!!

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  1. That is discontinued.
  2. It is hard to find but it's likely at least one more will pop up within a few months.
  3. It seems to pop up on ebay quite often but not at such a great price like this one.
  4. What I want to know if is they come to ebay every now and then or if is really hard that someone post one of this for sale??
  5. yes, bid! is a 05 bag, not available in the stores anymore and the best leather, good luck!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks !!! I think I'm going to wait then !!
  7. what a dilema!!!
  8. They do come up but not as often and not as cheap....so I would say try to get this one.
  9. They definitely do show up relatively often. It's an '05, so not too hard to wait for. It's not like some Chanel bags that last showed up about a year ago and haven't showed up since!
  10. I would definitely say go for it if you love this color. It's discontinued, so you will only find it used, and the condition varies. This one sees in nice shape and the price is reasonable still.
  11. I know this is off topic but The mean reds!, our cats look so similar LOL!!
  12. yes I notice that too!!! Mine also does that thing with the paw when the light is on and she's trying to sleep!!
  13. i wouldn't wait cuz i'm afraid it might never pop up again!! haha but i love the color tho it's pretty :smile:
  14. get it! It looks great...and a pretty good price as of now...good luck!