I need help !

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  1. This is going to be my first b bag purchase, so i'm thinking that i should get the city in black cuz it goes with everything right? Any other colors that you b bags lovers should suggest? Thanks:confused1:
  2. mmm a WHITE CITY??

    But i'm looking to geta BLACK city too... so go with black!! can't go wrong!!
  3. I have checked around recently into getting a black city and have had a little trouble finding one. I am not sure if you were thinking of buying on Ebay or not. Aloharag told me that the ones that they have left are not that great (very distressed) and to check back in January. I love black myself. I think it is classic. But many B-bag lovers prefer the bright colors. It is just a matter of personal preference. Have you spent much time looking at the photos on here and on Ebay to see what colors appeal to you?
  4. You want to check out Decophiles thread Magnum Opus on here she has such a beautiful collection of bags and colours you will be spoilt for choice
  5. I just email aloha rag and i was in Sf Nm over the weekend , i believe i saw one there. I been looking around and love almost all the colors, but think black is safe for my first b bag.
  6. I would go for something bright because bbags are known for their beautiful colors.
  7. I agree:yes:
  8. ^:yes: me too.
  9. i think that Susan in Burlingame had a Black City when we were there, but not sure...they had a handful of black b-bags.

    in terms of what goes with the most...I'd say black or a camel. but it depends on what you have in your wardrobe! i have way more browns and tans and neutrals than blacks.
  10. call me crazy, but I think rouge goes with EVERYTHING!!
  11. I would say definitly black!! When I wanted to get my first one, I knew that I take black. Maybe it´s because I like to wear darker tones and I can´t be wrong with it, because it goes with everything. And there is also no need to worry of darkening the handles or getting dirty
  12. I vote for black unless you cannot find the perfect leather. Since it will be always around, no need to settle for anything less. If not black, then I recommend the rouge vif - I agree with mpark46, it really does look good with many colors - possibly with the exception of certain oranges or green . . .