i need help

  1. i don't know how to start a new thread in other areas on here any help would be great:yes: i have been going a lil crazy trying to figure out how to:hysteric:
    thank yous
  2. Hi LVGirrly!
    If you want to make a new thread, you click on the "New Thread" button located at the top of any of our forums.
    Also, as a little tip, I always do a search of the topic I want to start a thread about so I don't duplicate a topic! :flowers:

    Good luck and welcome to tPF! :smile:
  3. :yahoo: finally....some help thank you lol
  4. I need help too......
    What's the difference between the thread and post????
  5. A thread is the discussion page on which posts are posted. In this case, "LvGirrly" posted the thread, while all of us following contributed posts in the thread.

    Makes sense?