I need HELP.

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  1. Hey, I don't come here as often as I'd like but I really need help with two things.

    First, with jeans. I'm 5'0 and have a 26'' to around a 27'' inseam. I'm sure you can already guess what my problem is. I can't seem to find ANY brand that makes jeans short enough for moi. Do you guys know of any? Or, if you don't, can you give me some suggestions what I should do with my jeans to help them fit me better? I hate, hate, hate hemming, but if any of you have some sort of sneaky trick to get them to look good by hemming, lay it on me.

    Secondly, flannel. I'm half and half with this whole, plaid flannel thing. Flannel Fridays is big at my school. Now, while I would love to join in on the fun and wear flannel with my friends I want to stand out. Everyone wears flannel and jeans. So boring. I plan on wearing an over sized flannel plaid top, leggings and boots. Maybe a belt on my waist so I don't look like I'm drowning in the top. But I mean, thats for one friday. Yes, I can reuse the look...but not a whole lot...not like, every week or anything. You know? Can someone give some suggestions or ideas for other fridays?

    Thanks girls (and guys?)!:smile:
  2. Can someone pleeeeassee help me? I know that if anyone in the world could help me with this you girls could can!
  3. for jeans - r u talking boot cut or skinnies??

    as for flannel or how you want to wear your outfit...can you post a couple of modeling pic? it's easier to say looks good or not. a lot of us just shot from the neck down...so u can still protect your id....
  4. For jeans - either or.

    And for the pictures, how do you mean? What kind of photos do you mean? Ones with the shirt? I mean, just overall sort of styles I could try. Tying it around my waist, wearing it with a plain matching jacket on top? What should I do?
  5. for the Flannel shirt, as well as the way you already planned to wear, you can also wear it "cow-girl style" (like tying it short above your rib cage) but wear something underneath and make it look not too cheesy, or you can also tie the flannel around your waist like people tie their jackets around their waists.
  6. For your size in jeans, unfortunately it sounds like you are destined for the alterations shop.

    For flannel, I say far too trendy to get involved in. This just seems like one of those here today gone tomorrow things...
  7. Hmm...I don't know if you've considered this? But kids sizes? If you don't like the style or if it's still not the right fit...getting it tailored may be the only way to go. :smile:

    Good luck!
  8. I highly reccomend J Brand jeans. Their skinny's come in lenghts from 28-34. They are a little bit pricey (100-$150) But they are well worth the money!
  9. If you're getting jeans hemmed, ask the tailor to re-attach the original hems. It will cost a few $$ extra but is so worth it in terms of the look. There is something about the way the original hem looks on jeans that I have never seen a tailor's hem replicate. Original hem-hemming should be pretty easy for a tailor to do. At your height, while you may be able to find a couple of brands that make your inseam, your selection will be greatly limited, so if you hem, you've got lots more options.