I need help!

  1. Does anyone know of or know anything about an ebay store called DesignherOutlet? I ordered a Gucci belt bag from her and I am trying to figure out if it is real. It was not cheap. I took it to a Gucci outlet and they said it was fake b/c the item number was incorrect. Then I called Gucci on Madison Ave and 5th Ave to ask them about the style number. They said the serial number in the bag WAS correct. Does anyone know anything???
  2. Sorry honey, don't have any info on the Ebay store. I just hoping for you that the belt is authentic, goodluck sweetie!
  3. Thanks, I appreciate it. But I decided to return the bag to the ebay store and just go buy one from the store. It's worth the piece of mind.
  4. ^^ It's probably a good idea to do that. I typed the seller's name into the search engine here, and the posts I found said s/he sells fakes.
  5. I just looked at their stuff and it is fake.