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  1. I'm so desperate to find these pants, the Mod Ankle Jean. Nordstrom never carried them, and so far Bloomingdale's is the only place I have heard so far that has had them.

    Here's a pic from Lamb Collections:


    So if anyone sees this at Bloomingdale's (doesn't even matter the size, as long as I can get a SKU) or any other store, please PM me! I'm so sad cause I think I may have missed out on them :sad: Thank you! :flowers:
  2. i think i saw them at my bloomies but i'm not sure.. is it newer collection?
    i'll stop by tomorrow to check if they still have it.. i can try to locate one if i'm in store.. what size are you looking for kwitthyy?
  3. It is part of the spring 08 collection but it was part of an earlier shipment. I'm looking for a six. Thank you indi!
  4. No problem.. i'll stop by tomorrow during lunch.. and will definitely let you know.. :yes:
  5. You are so sweet indi, thank you again!
  6. I hope you find them kwitthyy! I live nowhere near any fashionable stores, sorry.
  7. i stopped by today at bloomies.. they don't have it.. the only pants that they have is the satin/dressier black pants.. sorry kwitthyy.. but i'll keep my eyes open..
  8. aw I'm so sad! :sad: Thank you so much for looking though indi! :hugs:
  9. you're very welcome.. don't worry kwitthyy.. we'll find one for you.. ;)