I need help :(

  1. My 8 month, almost 9 month, westie does NOT know where to go potty :sad: Problem is that he won't go outside to use it. He always wants to do it in the house. I got him when he was 7 months old. It's so hard cause westie's are so stubborn and my pup was held in a cage all his life so I guess he was just used to using it whenever. I don't know how to break this. I don't want to hit him and he doesnt seem to understand when I'm screaming NO to him whenever he does make a mistake.

    Any tips?

    I take him out at the same time everyday so I don't konw what it could be :sad:
  2. you need to take him outside at set times after he eats and drinks, and stay out there with him until he goes, this could take a little while. Once he does, praise and reward him with a treat, then bring him back inside. If he does have an accident in the house, you should say "NO" and then immediately interrupt him to take him outside, where he will either finish or just sniff around - either way reward him while he's outside. You should always be able to catch him in the act because he's still a puppy that needs constant supervision - he should not have the full run of the house yet and should rather be confined to a small room until he is housetrained.
  3. You should NEVER hit. Screaming doesn't work either...like you said, he doesn't understand what he is doing wrong. Positive reinforcement is best...lots of treats and "good boy" when he does it correctly.

    Potty training can be hard work...don't get discouraged!
  4. i haven't hit him but im going to try again today. the weather has been terrible here in tx but i guess i can stand out with a raincoat LOL.
  5. For me, training my Chihuahua is still a struggle. She wants to go when she wants, where she wants. I think the best way is just to be consistent and persistant. You have to do it everyday, for me, I go with her outside almost every hour. And be positive. When she goes outside, praise praise praise, bring treats and make it a fun and positive activity.

    When he/she goes inside make sure to take them out a.s.a.p so they will learn to associate going inside with being outside.

    It is a long process, but once they get it, it is rewarding for both of you!

    Keep at it, it will happen!
  6. Make sure to take him out often. My dogs are crated when I'm not home, and they don't mess up their crates, but when I am home I take them outside every two-three hours. It used to be once an hour, but they are a year older and a year better now. We still have occasional incidents, but for the most part they do very well.

    At least all you have is rain. It's snowing here now and they forecast -30 windchill this evening. Fortunately, the dogs don't seem to mind. ;)
  7. Also make sure his crate (which is where he should be when you cannot watch him) is only big enough for him to lay down and turn around. Dogs as a species do NOT like to soil their beds.

    Feed and walk at regular times. You also cannot punish a dog after the deed is done, they don't connect the two. Just clean it up, using white vinegar and water to remove the smell, and watch him carefully when he's out.
  8. Do you think it would be possible to hire a dog trainer? Since you bought the Westie when it was a little older (and their stubborn) it will be alot harder to do it yourself. I think a professional dog trainer would understand how to potty train it better. Also, do you use wee wee pads? Because that seems to make dogs pee.
  9. You've gotten good advice. Honestly, I think frequency is the key. He'll get it, eventually. When my dog was training, we went out EVERY hour, to the same spot, whether he had to go or not. He's a terrier mix and so he's harder to train too and still has some accidents, but he's pretty good for the most part.
  10. Take him out as soon as he finishes eating or drinking. Try to take him outside frequently and give him a command word to "go potty" or whatever word you want to use. When he does, give LOTS of praise; he will start to catch on when he notices a pattern.

    My little one still has mistakes in the house, but it's only because no one has let her out in a while and she hates going outside in the cold! So she knows what she's doing, just chooses not to go out in the cold! lol
  11. Have you tried potty training pads? It has that smell that attracts dog to pee on it. It worked for my dog, but i got mine early on. My last dog trainer told me to always start out with a small area. Usually like half the room lay two pads out, lay it really far from where he sleeps and he'll eventually understand that he needs to pee there. After he gets good at that, increase his space and if he's consistent u can keep moving his space out. If he messes up you have to make the space smaller.
  12. ^^ good suggestions! And try to remember to reinforce the words....

    PEE PEE (or whatever you say)!

    when you go outside, for any reason, say OUTSIDE like it is the most amazing place on earth...and reward your dog with a pat just for going out there. Then reward them and praise him (BTW, a reward can be affection, doesnt have to be food) for peeing out there.

    Then when he pees in the house, a sharp NO followed by OUTSIDE/beeing carried on trip outside/and then--and this is key: Lots of praise for going outside.

    Be sure to watch inside for signs when he is getting ready to pee, say pee pee outside in an informative tone, and then scoop him up and take him out....and each time you get him to pee outside, HE IS THE GREATEST DOG IN THE WORLD....

    First thing in the morning, you say pee pee outside in an informative tone, carry him out, and fuss like mad when he pees.....Say PEE PEE OUTSIDE in an happy praising tone....

    Eventually he will get the meaning...pee outside good. pee inside bad.

    My little doxie takes herself outside (cat door) in the morning to pee, and when i spy on her, I can see that after she does it, she wags her tail like she is so happy with herself.....and weiners are hard to train, too.

    This all works for poo, too.

    Do use the enzyme sprays to help clean up any accidents inside, these scents make it harder to train to pee elsewhere....

    Also, if you mess up and miss the opportunity, and he has an accident, just say NO PEE PEE OUTSIDE and take him out and praise him....You have to anticipate it for a while, and not punish him too severely, otherwise it is confusing and anxiety causing, KWIM...

    Good luck...this will pass, he will learn eventually.
  13. Wish this thread had been around a few years ago, lol. My min pin came to me at 2.5 yrs, was caged by a breeder the whole time. I had such a hard time trying to get her to go outside, I gave up and pee pad trained her, so she goes inside on her pads (she always goes on the pad) I guess I took the easy way out...
  14. 8-9 months is completely trainable. Westies are smart, and your puppy will get it eventually. Make sure to praise him when he does go at the specified potty place, even if he had JUST soiled your carpet/his crate inside the house. good luck!