I need help

  1. okay so what with all this hertiage talk...
    now i have completly lost my mind

    now my next purchase is going to be.....
    signature stripe tote in khaki/ gold
    this is the newer style- not exactly the style i like, but it's all they have!

    the hertiage tote in green
    (anyone have this color yet? i want to see it irl!)
    so even though the hertiage is a little more money, i like the fact that it has a zipper- granted a half zipper, but they are better than dogleash clips!
    so which should i get?????
    oh lord i need some help!
    and also can someone tell me the strap drop on the medium heritage tote (for those who got it already!)
  2. I would get the green. It is fresh and new. Not as versatile because more of spring/summer but that can be your warm weather bag and the green would look so cute with some pink accessories.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you, I'm trying to decide on a tote and whether it will be a good summer bag for me. The medium heritage tote looks like it has a drop of about 8 inches or so. I'm just guessing from the looks of the picture posted on another thread. It definitely can be worn over the shoulder and it doesn't appear to be an armpit bag. color? I really love the pink but I haven't seen the green yet so I can't comment on that color. The green sounds refreshing if its a bright cheery medium green. :yes: A zipper is a BIG plus. I hate the dogleash closures. If thats a big deal to you then I'd go for the Heritage.
  4. yes i mean i never zip my bags, but i want to be able to if i need to kwim?
    i am not really worried about it being summery lol i 'd carry a bright green bag in the middle of winter! lol!
    and another question is... what is this coated canvas stuff?
  5. Go for the GREEN!:tup:
  6. green is my favorite color!
    but i really want to see pics of it, because i don't like dark green.. anyone have any?
    and can anyone confirm the strap drop, for the fellow pf's who have arms 150000x's the size of the rest of you twigs! :smile: