I Need Help!!

  1. Hey girls!!
    I'm thinking buying my first Balenciaga handbag sometime next week, but since I don't really know much about Balenciaga, I was hoping that you guys can give me some suggestion. I know I want it in Black, since I have few white/beige handbag from Gucci and LV, as well as dark brown from Miu Miu, I don't really own a black handbag, thats why I want to get a black Balenciaga. I prefer big handbag rather than small/evening handbag. So can you guys please suggest which type of balenciaga should I get? I live in Indiana, we don't have a Balenciaga retail store, so I was thinking buying from diabro.net. Please help me out!! Thank you!!
  2. This is a great season in which to buy a black Balenciaga. The Fall/Winter leather is incredible. My first choice for you would be the classic City bag. If you would like something bigger, the Work is larger than the City, and also classic. Diabro is a good choice from what I hear, though their photos seem pretty sterile...the bags are far more beautiful than they appear on their website.

    Take a look on the thread where members have posted pics of themselves modeling their bags. Many of them mention their height which will give you a good idea of how it will look on you. Good luck and prepare to become addicted! :tender:
  3. Hello...Also check out the Part Time Bag (my favorite) Its the same length as the Work but not as deep...plus it has a shoulder strap and the Work doesn't.
    If you like a large bag, I'm not sure the City will be big enough for you...
    But you'll get a better feel for what you like after you see some of the girls modeling them...Glad to have you on board but like Conni said, "prepare to get addicted"...:tender: