i need help!

  1. hi all experts,

    i need help!
    i'm having some thoughts in finalizing my next special order of Birkin for 2008,

    i have decided i want:
    a 40cm birkin;
    a bi colored combo;
    a barenia leather with invisible engraving;
    a full leather combo which means besides Barenia, i wanna to combine with Fjord

    1/ Etoupe Barenia with Parchment Fjord
    2/ Gold Barenia with Indigo Fjord
    3/ A Brown Barenia with Olive Fjord
    cannot resist the beauty of a 2-colored bag...to die for:yes:

    my question is...considering that i already own Black, Ebene, Etoupe, Gold and i shall be receiving my Graphite/ with Gris as lining end this year, and knowing that i'm a dark colored person, what would you say?

    much appreciate if you can give me some of your views...

    CC :smile:
  2. Hooray for another Birkin 40! :yahoo:
  3. CC, I am afraid to tell you the sad news that you will not be able to SO barenia!! Barenia, which only comes in olive, ebene, indigo, and natural (perhaps other colors at one time, but anyway the point is moot now, sadly) has not been available for SO in a while.

    :crybaby::crybaby:I weep with you, my friend...

    However, you could consider box, chamonix, swift, or even VL??? Gold VL is particularly lovely and of the combinations you suggest, I think it would be stunning with indigo! I am not sure which colors are available in which leathers, but perhaps you could have a textured leather like VL for the main body of the bag, and a smooth for the strap?

    I am sure more help will come, but I did want to gently break the news about the barenia situation.....
  4. Also, Marron Foncé is a stunning color in fjord, with gold accents would be knockout.....Marron foncé fjord perhaps with noisette box???
  5. thanks CB for the insights,
    are you referring to the status with your local store or in general?
    think i need to figure out my prefernces and call Paris to see if they are feasible to order...
  6. I think if it is a combo of toile/barenia you should be able to order it. But a full barenia bag has become a rare thing.
  7. hi hello2703,
    IC, but what i'm thinking it's barenia + fjord...
  8. yes, if the barenia is the small bits, maybe it will be OK??

    I had the impression you were wanting the main part to be barenia when you mentioned the heat stamp being invisible..... But if you are flexible in this part, then you might be in luck! Fingers crossed for you, CC!

    But as for the barenia situation, it is everywhere, if you want a large piece in barenia, they are not accepting...
  9. My SA told me that barenia was rare and only came with small pieces nowadays. I tried to PO a barenia bolide last July PO, and I was told it was not an option.
  10. I've mentioned this before as an option for people who are looking for barenia. Ever consider gold Swift? At a quick glance, they are difficult to tell apart. Swift may not develop the patina that barenia will, but it is more scratch resistant and won't darken as much at the handle. Swift won't be as heavy either.
  11. thanks guys for all the great advice!!!
    hermesgroupie- Swift =Veau Swift? would it be too buttery as i's really like the thickness of Barenia, and what i'm thinking is having Barenia in handles, flap, straps and the rest in fjord.
    i remember i did see Barenia (in a few colors) listed in the leather book while i was placing my special order in Paris for this year, think i really should call there and re confirm.