I need help !!!!

  1. Going on vacation today!:yes::yahoo:

    I have a pair of white shorts and a nice white mini dress. When I try them on I can see my underwear:tdown:

    Any recommendations on what to wear under these items. I have tried thongs with the shorts and they
    still appear!!!!!:confused1: HELP!
  2. Help:woohoo:
  3. Sorry I can't help, I don't wear white, and I defo don't wear shorts. Maybe the ladies on "The Wardrobe" threads will have a solution.
  4. How about a bathing suit bottom?
  5. Um, maybe a sheer thong in a nude or fleshtone shade?
  6. beige/cream colored gstring with clear side straps; pretty sure they can be found at VS!
  7. How about the boy short underwear in a nude color? You can buy them at Nordstrom.
  8. I have this problem too!

    I try and wear nude colored underwear or a thong when wearing these types of things!

    Definitely don't wear white underwear though, you'll def. be able to see those!
  9. black is better for a darker skintone, else nude / brown
  10. Thanks will try. I have not had panty lines in years!