I Need Help...

  1. ... locating a Coach Factory Store. I know if I go to the locator on coach.com it will turn up the full price stores... but where can I go to see where factory stores are located!? I am going out of town in about a month and want to be prepared... LOL...

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Please check the Outlet Sticky!
  3. Oh... okay... thanks LeaD!
  4. are you looking for ones in texas?
  5. or I guess I should say, where are you going out of town to?
  6. No... I'm actually going to Huntsville, AL. I'm looking for one in the general area though, even if it's like in TN, or FL, or GA, or MS... as long as it is relatively close to Huntsville...
  7. you could drive up to Tennesee and go to Pigeon Forge/Seveirville (just north of Knoxville) - tons and tons and tons of outlets incl Coach and it's beautiful, up in the mountains
  8. Really!? Thanks! I just might do that... oh I'm SO excited... Lol.. :yahoo:
  9. Oh! I see there is now a Coach outlet in Chatanooga, TN...that's not far at all from Huntsville