I need help with what to bring with me to NYC in May!!

  1. Hey all!!

    I'm going to NYC in May so i can see my sister graduate from Princeton!! This is going to my first trip there so i'm not quite sure what i should bring. It's Autumn-Winter there at that time isn't it? I'm going to be staying there for about 2 weeks. My friend said that i should pack only a certain moment of items as i don't want to go with too much as i will end up buying more then i can bring back. Here are a couple of options i was thinking of:

    -Sass and Bide black frayed misfits (for the more casual days)
    -Chloe Knee length A line black skirt
    -Sass and Bide cream woolen trench
    -Louboutin suede boots (seems to fit in with the cold weather?)
    -Marc Jacobs flats (need some comfy shoes to shop all day in)
    -Chloe white T strap platforms (stylish and comfy =)

    Besides all that i'm not sure what else to bring =/ Someone help!! Desperate need of advice!! I will love you forever! ^^
    And i'm deciding what bag to bring, gonna hold myself back and only bring one.. so it's either gonna be the MJ Stam or Chloe Paddington, both roomy enough to hold all i need.
  2. I would bring the lightest purse you own because shoulders get very sore shopping in NY.......As for the clothes, it's kinda hard to tell right now, we've just had 70 degree days, who's to say you'll even need a coat in May as it is SPRING at that time......plus it could be a little rainy in May so suede may not be the best choice, I would probably leave the wool trench and suede boots at home IMO, plus that will give you more room to bring home purchases!

    PS, I'm very serious about those heavy marc jacobs and chloe bags! you don't want to be shopping with those ALL day, it takes away from the other bags you can carry!
  3. Haha i totally forgot the seasons are the other way round!! I live in Sydney so we have winter in June!! haha thanks for reminding