I NEED HELP WITH THIS MUSE!! ooh and my first post!

  1. First of all, I don't like it when the seller had the buyer ID kept private. This usually isn't a very good sign. Secondly, with that price, I would rather pay a bit more to buy it from the authorized retailer rather than having sleepless nights worrying about the authentity. So far I haven't spot any flaws that shows any sign of fake from this bag but I wouldn't risk in buying from this seller if I were you. Good luck.
  2. i cant get it retail as theres no ysl where i come from and if i do buy from Saks or other online stores i will be taxed soo much when it comes through customs.
  3. I totally understand what you're going thru. When I bought my muse I waited for months to go on my trip and buy cos where I live there's no YSL either. If you rather not wait then your best bet is ebay. I'm not 100% sure if its authentic but visually it is to me. Maybe someone in this forum can help verify it for you.
  4. I thought that the serial number for the large was 156464? Someone else please verify by checking theirs because I have only the medium at hand--but I thought that was the case...
  5. I should add--private buyer IDs don't mean anything--it also protects the buyer on a high ticket item. It's private seller feedback that's a warning sign.
  6. thanks guys. it does look authentic. though there isnt a receipt which would be my only concern, theres another one on ebay that provides a receipt but somehow the leather doenst look convincing.

    also does the muse maintain its stiffness and is the leather hard to maintain??
  7. Is the white one also buffalo? It should say on the white tag which I can't read in the photo. Buffalo is really sturdy. It's not a squishy bag at all. I'm still unsure about the serial number question though. Please check into this. (I wouldn't worry about the lack of a receipt as receipts can be faked)
  8. this bag is an XL not the large version. and the serial is 153959. would that be correct? what kinda sizing are there. i thought the muse goes from medium then large then XL. am i correct?
  9. also the seller has given me pictures of the serial behind the bag and the card number. on the card is has 153959 C6D0G as you can see in thepictures. but on the back of the tag it matches up 153959 and then follwed by a different set of numbers.

    is that how its meant to be?
  10. thank you aritziababe!<br>
  11. Yes, half of the back tag number should be the same number as on the card. I thought this was a large--that's why I was confused about the serial number. I think you're okay and I see that when I enlarge the photo that it does say buffalo on the card. I don't see anything that looks off. I don't know though what color the inside lining is supposed to be on the white. Maybe someone else does.
  12. The lining on my white, which I bought from a YSL boutique, is the same as the lining on my chocolate muse.
  13. seller says is a dark brown. i read somewhere on the forum saying that it is supposed to be a brown