I need help with this COACH shoes !!!

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  1. Hi, everyone!

    I bought this 2 years ago from Macy's but was not able to use it. Is there a way you guys can help me about this shoes. Anything that you know about it. Thanks in advance.
    P1010020.JPG.jpg P1010018.JPG.jpg P1010019.JPG.jpg
  2. I think this is the Trudie style? If you want, I can take them off your hands for you (just my size)!:flowers:
  3. Well the style number and name are on the box. What is it you need to know about them?
  4. Thanks for helping me out. I was not sure if it was a real shoes that COACH have. I guess, I have been paranoid lately of all the fakes out there. Thank you so much.
  5. but you said you got them from Macy's. . . they don't sell counterfeits:nogood:
    If you're looking to authenticate an item, please post in the Coach Shopping Forum's Authetnicate This Coach thread please.
  6. Yes, I did get them from Macy's. Thanks for the help. I truly appreciate it.