I need help with the ultimate soft

  1. Hi girls

    I love the ultimate soft but the sydney chanel store has no idea what i am talking about

    will any of you be able to provide me with some sort of style code or style description or anything similar that will help them search through the system easily?

    i would appreciate it sosososososo much :sweatdrop:

  2. The code on my medium ult. soft tag is 07C A29285y01480 94305. I think the last five numbers are for the color, black.
  3. thanku junior mint!!! that was so helpful because she really had no idea what i was going on about.

    i just rung the store with that code and she said, they've never had it in before :confused1: what a bummer!!!
  4. I saw this bag at the Chanel boutique in San Francisco on Friday. Maybe they can ship to you???
  5. go to reference library..email the picture to them..
  6. hey good idea! maybe i should try it...